Our Projects

      At Furi, we provide wholesale clients with a wide range of furniture items for any room online and directly from our warehouse.
      Our furniture is created by real craftsmen and famous designers with customers' needs in mind. All the items perfectly combine style, functionality, comfort, and the highest quality possible. Look through the latest design projects and see the difference!

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      Cherry Bench with Leather Seat

      This solid cherry wood bench comes with a leather seat in white, black, and brown colors. The bench features American style and modern design.

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      Modern Writing Desk

      The high-quality modern writing desk is designed to impress even the most fussy visitor to your home office. Everything you need is organized at your fingertips.

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      Modern Sofa

      We create the exceptional designs of contemporary sofas which complete the style of your living room and reflect your own lifestyle. Choose the one that suits you.

      Furi is a leading furniture manufacturer known worldwide for its impeccable quality, exceptional customer service, and fair prices. 

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